Kid Friendly

Kid Friendly

CDG is designed, structured and staffed to service the oral health care needs of children of all ages, including age ranges of 0-5 and older, in California’s Medicaid and PPO patients. CDG’s offices are colorful, festive child-oriented facilities with games, movies, rides, clowns, toys, and the like to create an environment where “dentistry is fun!”

  • Colorful, Child-Oriented Environments. The festive, colorful, child-oriented environments—with games, rids, toys, balloons, etc.—make CDG the ideal place for a young child to experience dentistry and obtain care.
  • Experienced, Trained Staff. CDG trains its RDAs, treatment counselors, and dental assistants in the most effective techniques of behavior management for the younger children.

Festive, Fun-Oriented Open Bay Areas

The clinics are designed with an open bay approach to the diagnostic and preventive part of the visit, where kids gather and get treatment in a festive, fun-filled environment, which significantly improves morale and reduces stress levels. (Treatment is performed in closed room, private operatories.) Strategically, kids in a colorful, fun-filled environment seeing other kids calm and playing promotes calm and cooperation during the exams, cleanings and other prophylactic care administered in the open-bay areas.

The open-bay is staffed with registered dental assistants, dental assistants, and treatment counselors to assist the dentists and interact with the parents. An open-bay dentist and support staff in a facility with five or more open-bay chairs can see an average of 50-100 patients per day.

In addition, in nearly all of the CDG offices where orthodontics services are offered, the care is provided in separate open bay areas similar to the open bay areas used for pediatric services.

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