Kid Friendly

Child Friendly – Dentistry and Orthodontics

  • Colorful, Child-Oriented Environment Specializing in Children’s Dentistry.  Children’s Dental specializes in meeting the oral health care needs of children of all ages, including age ranges of 0-5 and older—whether Medicaid, PPO or uninsured.  Our offices are colorful, festive child-oriented facilities, with games, large-screen televisions, movie-theater settings, rides, clowns and toys to provide an environment where “dentistry is fun!”
  • Experienced, Trained Doctors and Staff—Great Quality Care. Our doctors and staff are experienced in all aspects of providing compassionate quality care to our patients.  Our pediatric specialists and general dentists, together with our RDAs, treatment counselors, and dental assistants are highly skilled in behavior management techniques that are key to provide good dental care to younger children.  Combined with their years of experience and training in providing care to children, our doctors and staff bring high quality care and a great patient experience to our patients. Our specialists, dentists and orthodontists are active members in the community, teach at the dental schools (UCLA, USC, Western University College of Dental Medicine in Pomona), and have distinguished themselves professionally and academically.  Our doctors are trained in all aspects of pediatric dentistry, ranging from behavioral management to sedation.
  • Orthodontics; Free Exams.  Our certified orthodontists also offer the full range of orthodontic care at our offices for kids of all ages.  The initial exams are free to evaluate whether your child needs braces.  The care is provided in separate areas outfitted especially to make orthodontic examinations and care as easy and enjoyable as possible. We also offer Invisalign as an option that parents can select for their kids.

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