Experienced Specialists and Dentists

Experienced Specialists and Dentists

Each clinic is staffed with qualified dentists (pediatric specialists and generalists) and staff whose training has included significant emphasis on patient care and ensuring that patients have the optimal patient experience.

Each clinic is staffed with a range of one to five pediatric specialists and generalists whose practice is dedicated to treating children. CDG employs nearly 60 dentists, several of them having ten to thirty years of experience. CDG’s orthodontic offices are all staffed with certified orthodontists.

Many of CDG’s dentists and orthodontists are active members in the community, teach at the dental schools (UCLA, USC, Western University College of Dental Medicine in Pomona), and have distinguished themselves professionally and academically. CDG’s dentists are trained in all aspects of pediatric dentistry, ranging from behavioral management to sedation.

CDG provides care to even the physically and mentally challenged children. In instances where it is not possible to treat a child at the clinic due to behavioral considerations, CDG has established networks of resources to assist in getting these children treated, utilizing their Medicaid benefits. This includes outpatient surgery centers and in-patient hospital settings.


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