Anaheim Developments

Anaheim Developments

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Update for Anaheim Pulpotomy Patients

December 15, 2016

Children’s Dental Group Temporarily Closes Anaheim Office

Children’s Dental Group has temporarily closed its Anaheim office as a precautionary
Before and since resumption of normal operations of its dental office at 2156 East Lincoln Boulevard,
Anaheim, California, Children’s Dental Group has employed an independent laboratory to regularly test its
water systems. The Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) has also conducted testing, results of which
confirmed the water met the required safety levels.
Most water everywhere contains some sort of mycobacteria, with only certain species creating any safety
concern. Preliminary and unconfirmed results of recent OCHCA testing have revealed the presence of
mycobacteria. The testing to-date has had inconclusive results and has not revealed a specific reason for
concern, but additional testing is being conducted.
“As a precautionary measure in the interest of patient safety, we will stop using municipal water at this office
and have suspended operations until additional testing can be completed,” said Children’s Dental Group CEO
Sam Gruenbaum. “We are hoping to resume normal operations after obtaining these test results.
“We are thankful for the collaboration we have had with the OCHCA, and will continue working with them to
ensure our mutual goal of patient health and safety,” Gruenbaum added.
Anyone with questions or who was scheduled to be seen at the Anaheim office questions can write to
CDGAnaheim@cdgdental com or call the clinic’s patient contact center at: (714) 221-1112.

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